Normal vs Makrana Marble

  • Makrana marbles stay clean without any kind of scratches and pinholes, unlike other ordinary marbles. There are no chemicals required to fill up the fissures in the case of makrana marbles.
  • Makrana marble goes under whole processing before the finished product gets ready, unlike other normal marbles. The processing includes the variety of finishes and polishes such as diamond polish, mirror polished finish, honed finish, sandblast, gauged finish, hand cut, flaming and providing textures for every kind of construction.
  • Normal marble requires more care and maintenance than the makrana marble. Makrana marble needs zero maintenance no matter what type of makrana marble it is.
  • Makrana marble gets shinier when it goes through the cleaning process. Normal marble loses its shine when cleaning is done often.
  • The close interlocking property of the makrana marble makes it translucent, hard and strong.
  • Makrana marble makes said to retain its shine and whiteness over a long period. While the normal marble only maintains its shine, brightness, and color for a short amount of time.
  • Makrana marble has a high percentage of calcium in its formation and therefore has a high resistance to water leakage. The level of water absorption in case of makrana marble is the lowest of all the other marbles. The reason is that it has 98% of calcium carbonate in it and rest 2% impurities in its purest form.
  • During the mining of makrana marble, it doesn’t go through any kind of treatment and is used in chiseling and cutting right away.
  • Makrana marble is the only kind of marble in India that is calcitic. All the other ordinary marbles are dolomitic in nature.
  • Makrana marble is an excellent quality marble which quiiite resistant and high quality than other marbles. It has been used in the construction of monuments like Victoria Memorial and Taj Mahal.
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