Modern Art Marble Statues

“Modern art marble statues arose when the western society attempted to come to terms with the secular, industrial and urban society that evolved during the nineteenth century. Sculptors and artisans have always experimented with an extensive range of mediums throughout the history. Various materials are used to carve the statues for modern art such as fired clay, carved wood, cast bronze and others that made lasting impressions. However, no material has satisfied the eyes of a sculptor and a buyer like a marble art. Many major art movements have marble artworks playing prominent roles at times. Modern art made of marble is one of the most famous statues and sculptures in the world.”

Modern Art Made of Marble around the World

“Artists always opt for marble due to the translucence of its surface, easy to carve composition and it is soft. Egyptians use marble to carve figures of guardians for tombs and temples, gods and pharaohs. Classical artists of Greece use marble to sculpt beautiful figures with astonishing attention to detail and refined chiseling techniques.”

Marble Modern Art as Decoration

“Marble is not just limited to renaissance statues and famous monuments anymore. The modernization of marble has forced for a modern rebirth in the world of décor and interior design. One of the key reasons why the marble artworks are prevalent as the decoration items are that it looks luxurious to the eye. A subtle pop of texture is added with the use of this metamorphic rock, and the appropriate usage of color makes it more appealing. Marble modern art is just the right way to refurbish your space and the upcoming events of your life. The presence of marble patterns and modern marble art pieces are becoming more popular in interior decorations. In the field of architecture, less is more. You should focus on one particular area and wall to implement the modern artwork. One of the most common area to integrate the marble for décor purposes is the kitchen by using it on cabinets and countertops. The living area is a perfect place to showcase the modern art made of marble in chairs, table tops, lamps and lightings, walls, floors along with the various figurines. Always remember that too much marble can look cold and blah but incorporating just the right amount of marble décor can make your space give a lavish effect.”

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