Types of Makrana Marble

Makrana Marbles are segmented into various types depending upon the height of impurities and observing pattern and colors. There are seven major types of Makrana Marbles available in the market as listed below.

Makrana White Marble

The most common type of Makrana Marbles is Makrana White Marble which is calcitic stones that are white. Makrana White Marble is generally used for sculpture and flooring and wall cladding in the construction of a building.

Dungri Marble

Dungri Marble is the type of makrana marble which is a slightly grey shade of color on its white pattern. Dungri Marble is most suitable for the flooring purposes. One important feature about Dungri Marble is that it does not require any chemical treatment.

Kumari Marble

One of the most economical types of makrana marble is the Kumari Marble. The Kumari Marble is identified with grey and brown line patterns on the white colored marble.

Albeta Marble or Albeto Marble

Next time you see a makrana marble with blackish lines on it, know that you are looking at Albeta Marble or Albeto Marble.

Brown Albeta Marble

Brown Albeta Marble has all the same properties of a makrana marble as that of an Albeta Marble or Albeto Marble. The only difference between the two is that Brown Albeta Marble has a brown color pattern on the top of the marble.

Makrana Pink Marble

Makrana Pink Marble has a pink color hint in its pattern. The pink and white color combination makes Makrana Pink Marble a perfect choice for decoration purposes as well as flooring.

Makrana Pure White Marbles

Makrana Pure White Marbles is the most popular type of makrana marble in India. It is also known as ‘Sangemarmar.’ It is the purest form of makrana marble that is available in the market. It does not have any significant color other than white.

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