Indian God, Idol Makrana Marble Statues

Best Makrana Marble Statues (Moorti) Maker in India

Marble statues are creative architectural pieces that improve the elegance and beauty of both the outdoors as well as the indoors. Marble statues are elegant hand-carved artifacts that have detailed work and design on them. Different marble statues reflect different individual tastes of people. Several types of variety of sculptures and marble statues popular in India include Ancient god statue, gods and goddess’s statue, and sculptures from different religions, person statue and more.

Makrana is a place located in Rajasthan which is famous as one of the finest and oldest marble quarries of India. Makrana is considered as the purest form of marble with over 99% calcite crystals present in it. Among the statues collection composed of marble, some of the primitive statues are from Hindu pantheon, spiritual leader’s statue, religious statue, god statue, person statue and many more. A wide range of religious god statue is carved.

The most common Indian marble statues are:-

  1. Ganesh statue
  2. Shiva statue
  3. Radha statue
  4. Krishna statue
  5. marble Hanuman Statue
  6. Durga statue
  7. and Sai Baba statue

Being the most popular marble sculptures of India, the Hindu gods and goddesses are often placed in the religious monuments like the temple as well as at home for religious shrines. All the features of the idols mentioned above are finely finished, elegantly textured and durable; sometimes the god statues are also used as a decorative item. Statues of saints, freedom fighters, and mythological figures are also built using marble. Marble is also used to sculpt Christian statues and Buddhist statues. These statues are cost worthy which attract the buyers and are a perfect combination with the pious display.

“Most of the statue makers work every single day with compassion and hard work constantly. Various generations of skill and knowledge are inherited. The beauty in the hands of a statue maker is that he is capable of turning a marble slab into a treasure. They have very sensitive hands that know exactly how to etch, how to chisel and how hard to hammer to get the perfect detail, curves, and shapes.

These statue makers are always communicating with the marble under their fingers. Until the statues gradually start emerging. The statue maker does not restrict themselves to only using pure white marble. They often use green marble, gray marble, black marble, red marble and more. A skilled craftsman always learns to incorporate the originally present stain the marble statues.”

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