Vitrified Tiles vs Marble: Know The Better Flooring Option

The floor plays a very big role in the appearance of any room in your house. Floors are that factor of your house that plays the first impression the moment someone enters your room. Things like your wall paint or your décor can be changed later on if you do not like them but flooring in one such factor that is not only time-taking to change but also difficult. So, you should always make your choice about flooring very carefully. Are you confused whether you should opt for vitrified tiles or marble? Well, then you are not alone as many people face this dilemma. But here is a point-wise comparison of both these materials in terms of flooring and this will definitely ease out your dilemma.


Vitrified tiles are composed of a mixture of clay and some minerals like quartz, silica and feldspar. All of these composite ingredients are melted at very high temperatures to form vitrified tiles. The result is a characteristically smooth texture with a glassy appearance that appears quite classy and chic. These tiles are very durable and have a low water absorption rate and an external glaze is usually coated on these tiles.

On the other hand, marble is a naturally occurring stone that forms from dolomite, calcite or limestone. Marble has a very high water absorption rate due to its porous nature. Marbles have a characteristic veined pattern on their surface along with fascinating swirls. Marble is definitely a widely used stone in wall cladding and flooring.


Due to the process of vitrification, tiles are made to become strong. But there is a drawback too. Tiles become very much prone to breakage and thus have to be handled with care. But in terms of a short life, tiles will serve you really well but in long term, they are prone to breakage.

Marble is known to have a legendary strength and so if you are looking for a flooring option with a greater life span, marble can be your choice. Some marble can develop a yellowish tinge with age but if polished from time to time, marbles can last a really long time. Marble, thus, is a really tolerant substance.

Variety and finish

Vitrified tiles are made by humans and thus can be made into various designs. They also have different types of textures. You can also get vitrified tiles that simulate materials like bamboo, wood or even marble itself. Vitrified tiles can be installed both outdoors and indoors and they are available in matter, glossy and anti-skid finishes.

Marble flooring is available in the form of tiles, blocks or slabs. They are usually found in shades of black, white, grey, green, brown and even some other natural hues. If you want a rustic or matte finish, then you should go for the honed and sand marble and if you want a glossy finish, then polished marble will do the job.


Vitrified tiles are sold in a ready-to-use state which means it will require maximum a day and a half to get the flooring of a standard sized room done. Moreover, the one good thing with tiles is their lesser setting time which enables you to start using them soon after installation. Moreover, these tiles can be cut manually and thus a lot of customization is possible and you can install them in any shape you want. The overall thickness of your room is also reduced if you use vitrified tiles because their thickness is approximately between 10 to 12mm.

But marble requires a more labor intensive and time consuming process of installation. And moreover, in most places, you will not get marble in a ready-to-use state. Once you place your order, the marble will be cut according to your requirement which takes some time. And an additional time span is also required for polishing of the marble apart from the time required to lay it on the floor.

Pocket Pinch

Vitrified tiles have a price range that usually varies with the brand you choose and also the design you want or will customize. The average cost of flooring though ranges somewhere between Rs 200-300 per square foot including the labor charges. But when you compare them to marble, they are a lot more affordable.

Since marble is a naturally occurring material, its cost is much more than vitrified tiles. The rarity of colour and the grade of marble are some of the factors which determine the cost of marble flooring. Indian marble flooring usually ranges somewhere around Rs 250 per square foot but if you opt for Italian marble flooring, prices can be anywhere between Rs 600-1000 per square foot.


Vitrified tiles are one of the easiest materials to maintain and clean. Since they are non-porous, they do not absorb anything and thus have a greater resistance to stains. Regular wiping of floors and dusting will do the trick of keeping them brand new. Moreover, since tiles have standard sizes in the market, in case any of them break, you can easily get it replaced by buying another identical one from the market.

But, marble, on the other hand, reacts with almost everything. Dilute acids like mustard, vinegar, citrus and many other household items cause reaction with marble. This leads to the formation of stains. In order to prevent the formation of any permanent marks, you have to clean and wipe the floor whenever you drop something on it. Moreover, periodical application of sealant is also required to prevent marble from absorbing any moisture. Marble flooring stays in a good condition with regular polishing.


Vitrified tiles are not only available in a wide variety of textures and colors but can also mimic other natural items like wood but the look is often less authentic. You can create a faux-marble or faux-wood effect, but it will be nothing compared to a real one.

Marble flooring exudes opulence and luxury and is highly classy. Each piece of marble is unique in its own way and the natural look of each marble piece gives way to even more of an aesthetic appeal.

Where to install

Vitrified tiles can be used in both exterior and interior locations. They can be made into slip-resistant variations and thus good for kitchens and bathrooms as well.

Marble flooring, on the other hand, is best for bedrooms, foyer and halls. If you use polished marble in your bathroom, it can tend to be slippery. Marble stains easily and also absorbs water, so it is advisable not to use them in the kitchen. Weather and pollutants are another factor that can destroy marbles making them unfit for outdoor installation as well.

So, if you are making a decision between vitrified tiles and marble flooring, we at Tijil Exporters can help you make the decision. You should keep factors like design requirement, budget, utility and space location into consideration before making the final decision. But you must keep in mind the importance of flooring as a design element and how it is meant as something for the long run. So, make your decision wisely and do maintenance from time to time.

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Makrana Marble Handicraft Products

Marble Handicrafts Manufacturer in Makrana 

“Marble handicraft products are available in several attractive designs in different cities in India. The marble handicrafts in Agra, Jaipur, and Gujarat are considered the richest due to the cultural impact and skills that the artisans inherit through generations of family. City of the world-famous monument Tajmahal, Agra is famous for all the handicraft products during the Mughal Empire.”

“The quality of marble artifacts is enhanced with the detailed carving and handmade inlay work on the marble. All the marble handicrafts manufacturer uses simple tools and their hands to carve on high-grade marbles (makrana mostly) with tons of work such as meenakari and kundan work. The marble handicrafts are exported and distributed for gifting purposes and home decoration.”

“Some of the leading marble handicraft manufacturers offer the exotic range of Surahi, bottle-shaped vessels, vases in different shapes and sizes like matka shape and bottle shape. Aroma lamps, figurines and animals, games and puzzles, boxes, vanity and jewellery boxes, candle stands, coaster sets, bathroom kit, soap dispenser, flower pots, marble clock, decorative bowls and boxes, smartphone stand pen holder, pots, god statues, lanterns and many more other marble handicraft products are few other handicraft items.

A variety of marble handicraft helps in enhancing the beauty of your working and living space along with giving a rooted, traditional touch to that space. These handicraft materials are so unique because of the high quality, sturdiness and most of them have some painting embossed on the exterior such as floral painting and much more. The hard work and details that are put into the marble handicraft items are admirable. The raw materials used to produce the marble handicraft items are always of good quality with no involvement of harsh chemicals. Almost all of the handicraft products are organic and not harmful to the environment.”

Features offered by Leading Handicraft manufacturer

  • A team of experienced, experts and professional artisans.
  • Strong infrastructure base.
  • A well-equipped warehouse facility.
  • Nice business network.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Customer satisfaction.

“Exquisite handicrafts produced from white marble are in huge demand both abroad and in India. Buyers are fascinated and mesmerized by the intricate work on this white metamorphic stone. The experienced and expert workforce chisels the handicraft products. These marble handicraft products can be used for various purposes. These products are cheaper compared to the modern industrialized marble products that sell for double or triple the amount of these.”

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Modern Art Marble Statues

“Modern art marble statues arose when the western society attempted to come to terms with the secular, industrial and urban society that evolved during the nineteenth century. Sculptors and artisans have always experimented with an extensive range of mediums throughout the history. Various materials are used to carve the statues for modern art such as fired clay, carved wood, cast bronze and others that made lasting impressions. However, no material has satisfied the eyes of a sculptor and a buyer like a marble art. Many major art movements have marble artworks playing prominent roles at times. Modern art made of marble is one of the most famous statues and sculptures in the world.”

Modern Art Made of Marble around the World

“Artists always opt for marble due to the translucence of its surface, easy to carve composition and it is soft. Egyptians use marble to carve figures of guardians for tombs and temples, gods and pharaohs. Classical artists of Greece use marble to sculpt beautiful figures with astonishing attention to detail and refined chiseling techniques.”

Marble Modern Art as Decoration

“Marble is not just limited to renaissance statues and famous monuments anymore. The modernization of marble has forced for a modern rebirth in the world of décor and interior design. One of the key reasons why the marble artworks are prevalent as the decoration items are that it looks luxurious to the eye. A subtle pop of texture is added with the use of this metamorphic rock, and the appropriate usage of color makes it more appealing. Marble modern art is just the right way to refurbish your space and the upcoming events of your life. The presence of marble patterns and modern marble art pieces are becoming more popular in interior decorations. In the field of architecture, less is more. You should focus on one particular area and wall to implement the modern artwork. One of the most common area to integrate the marble for décor purposes is the kitchen by using it on cabinets and countertops. The living area is a perfect place to showcase the modern art made of marble in chairs, table tops, lamps and lightings, walls, floors along with the various figurines. Always remember that too much marble can look cold and blah but incorporating just the right amount of marble décor can make your space give a lavish effect.”

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Indian God, Idol Makrana Marble Statues

Best Makrana Marble Statues (Moorti) Maker in India

Marble statues are creative architectural pieces that improve the elegance and beauty of both the outdoors as well as the indoors. Marble statues are elegant hand-carved artifacts that have detailed work and design on them. Different marble statues reflect different individual tastes of people. Several types of variety of sculptures and marble statues popular in India include Ancient god statue, gods and goddess’s statue, and sculptures from different religions, person statue and more.

Makrana is a place located in Rajasthan which is famous as one of the finest and oldest marble quarries of India. Makrana is considered as the purest form of marble with over 99% calcite crystals present in it. Among the statues collection composed of marble, some of the primitive statues are from Hindu pantheon, spiritual leader’s statue, religious statue, god statue, person statue and many more. A wide range of religious god statue is carved.

The most common Indian marble statues are:-

  1. Ganesh statue
  2. Shiva statue
  3. Radha statue
  4. Krishna statue
  5. marble Hanuman Statue
  6. Durga statue
  7. and Sai Baba statue

Being the most popular marble sculptures of India, the Hindu gods and goddesses are often placed in the religious monuments like the temple as well as at home for religious shrines. All the features of the idols mentioned above are finely finished, elegantly textured and durable; sometimes the god statues are also used as a decorative item. Statues of saints, freedom fighters, and mythological figures are also built using marble. Marble is also used to sculpt Christian statues and Buddhist statues. These statues are cost worthy which attract the buyers and are a perfect combination with the pious display.

“Most of the statue makers work every single day with compassion and hard work constantly. Various generations of skill and knowledge are inherited. The beauty in the hands of a statue maker is that he is capable of turning a marble slab into a treasure. They have very sensitive hands that know exactly how to etch, how to chisel and how hard to hammer to get the perfect detail, curves, and shapes.

These statue makers are always communicating with the marble under their fingers. Until the statues gradually start emerging. The statue maker does not restrict themselves to only using pure white marble. They often use green marble, gray marble, black marble, red marble and more. A skilled craftsman always learns to incorporate the originally present stain the marble statues.”

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